It’s not their fault, but species can become “invasive” if we take them out of their natural habitats and put them in a new environment. No matter whether it’s plants or animals, they can grow quickly and take over the new place. That’s when trouble comes. 

They are so fierce competitors for local species, that they have become the number one cause for extinction worldwide! And they can also carry diseases and be a serious problem for our health. That’s why we have to spend millions of euros every year trying to fight their invasion.


Since some of these animals and plants are beautiful or make nice pets, many people want to have them at home unaware of the damage they cause. But it is in our hands to stop these pets from becoming pests. That’s where Invasive crafted species comes in.

The campaign is based on a simple idea: the only responsible way to have these exotic species at home is to make them yourself. So, we contacted professional DIYers from different European countries and asked them to make crafts of invasive species. They made video tutorials to teach on how to make them with crochet, watercolour, polymer clay, etc… Now there’s no excuse: if you like them, craft them!

You can follow their tutorials to create your invasive-crafted-species or come up with your own ideas and designs! There are many more invasive species waiting to be crafted, so send us your creations and you can participate in a contest to win the original crafts made by Mónica, Wei, Stéphanie and Laura.


The Bern Convention is an important treaty for the conservation of nature in Europe. It was established by the Council of Europe in 1982, and has been signed by 50 countries that are committed to protect both species and habitats. One of our main concerns is the fight against invasive alien species, which are an increasing threat to European biodiversity. We invite you to join the campaign, amplify its message and follow our news on social media!